Behind the brand: Stefano Cau

Behind the brand: Stefano Cau

We have been partners with Stefano Cau for almost two years now, bringing his eponymous label into Singapore. In this relatively short span of time, the brand’s distinctive designs and craftsmanship have been well received, and his works have also gained a considerable following in other fashion capitals - Seoul, Stockholm, Tokyo and of course Milan. 

Mr Stefano Cau in his recent visit to Tokyo

Having honed his craft designing for Paul Smith and Mulberry in the early stages of his career, and also being the third generation in a line of textile weavers from Como, Italy, Stefano possesses a rare balance between design flair and technical expertise. In fact, the Japanese select store and department store buyers would credit Stefano's time at the large design houses for his mindfulness of the bottom line - Stefano has quickly earned a reputation of creating beautiful products that do not cause customers to gawk at the price. 

Signature bar tacks hand-sewn in the unmistakable Italian colours

Stefano’s unique appreciation for both style and technical detail is reflected in the making of his neckties. Every bar tack is meticulously hand-stitched by his mother, in the unmistakable Italian green, white and red. As he fondly terms, “Amore de Mama”. With the number of neckties that have to be made every season, persisting with such traditions is rare in the face of commercialization.

Not a man to rest on his laurels, Stefano has expanded his brand to a total look menswear label; from neckties and pochettes to silk shirts and sports jackets. Despite this he refuses to compromise on quality and style, personally hand picking each material used.

Mr Stefano Cau in his new bespoke jacket and silk shirts at the Fortezza de Baso

Menswear icon Andreas Weinas looking good with his Stefano Cau Tie


Menswear icon Matteo Formichetti wearing Stefano Cau at Pitti Uomo 94

Stefano’s passion shone through in his recent collection exhibited at Pitti Uomo 94. We had the privilege of feeling the quality of the fabrics and seeing the colours first hand during our visit to his booth. The Stefano Cau showcase is one of many highlights of our recent visit to Pitti 94, so stay tuned for more!

Stefano Cau showcase at Pitti Uomo 94 (12-15 June 2018) 


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