Behind the Brand: Stefano Cau’s Double Face Pocket Squares

Behind the Brand: Stefano Cau’s Double Face Pocket Squares

Nothing completes a suit better than an unassuming yet elegant pocket square. But if you are well-acquainted to the squares, you would also know that they are easy to wear but difficult to master and every different occasion and suit calls for a different application – there is simply no “one size fits all” when it comes to pocket squares.


Trust us when we say that we are well-versed in the art of wearing a square. After more than a decade of purveying some of the finest men’s accessories in Asia, we have seen it all - or so we thought. When Stefano revealed to us his upcoming African-inspired double-face pocket squares collection, to say that we were pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. At last, a collection of pocket squares worth the hype and excitement.


Stefano Cau’s latest works are creating something of a buzz even before its official launch. What is unique about these double-faced pocket squares is that each pocket square presents two contrasting prints. This cleverly avoids the problem of the unsightly underside of a regular pocket square and allows for much easier folding, whether as a nonchalant puff or an elaborate rose fold. That said, we think it looks best in a reverse puff.


The double face pocket square - Stefano Cau’s latest collection

As the head designer of his eponymous label, Stefano strives to reinvent his brand’s collection every season while maintaining the integrity of craftsmanship. Each double face pocket square is handmade by experienced artisans from the finest silk in Italy, finished with unmistakable hand-rolled edges. Every collection is rejuvenated in seasonal colours and style, while retaining its finely-tuned signature vintage look. We managed to catch an exclusive peek of this collection during our visit to the recently concluded Pitti Uomo 96. Seeing the pocket squares up close and personal is an experience in and of itself. It is not difficult to see why throngs of menswear buyers, connoisseurs and brand ambassadors clamoured around the Stefano Cau exhibition booth to feel and try on the eye-catching designs against their own jackets.

Sneak peek of Stefano Cau’s new collection at Pitti Uomo 96

Stefano constantly seeks to inject originality into his design. Many designers claim that, but few have backed it up. This is perhaps even more prevalent in the world of classic menswear, where there are unspoken rules to adhere to. The difficulty is in creating something original within pre-defined parameters – and Stefano does just that. Stefano’s latest collection is brilliant not only for its originality, but also because it managed to rejuvenate an age-old print and create a distinct personality within the rigidity of classic menswear.

Bold and versatile prints showcased in this collection

The double face pocket square is an accessory that exudes sprezzatura without screaming for attention to one’s outfit. Perhaps a somewhat paradoxical style affectation to some, this collection is versatile yet classic, sensible yet adventurous.


Shop Stefano Cau’s Silk Accessories at the Stefano Cau online store here.


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