How to Store and Maintain Luxury Neckties

How to Store and Maintain Luxury Neckties

Treat your neckties as the financial and stylistic investment they are. An excellent necktie made from high-quality materials such as grenadine silk, linen, cotton, and wool can last years, and there’s no telling how many impressions they’ll make along the way.

As vital as ties are to a man’s wardrobe, they’re also perhaps the most fragile accessory, their delicate silk or linen being susceptible to creases and stains. Unlike other articles of clothing, ties are in particular danger when not worn. Storing your ties in the wrong position or location,  such as a walk-in closet or cluttered drawer, will quickly lead to their ruin.

Here, you’ll learn how to store ties neatly and tactfully, so they continue to add style to your wardrobe for years to come.



Hang or Roll?

There are no hard rules on how to store ties. Ultimately factors such as space and size of collection will determine what is most convenient. If you own a smaller collection, you may have more luck rolling your ties than hanging them on a standard tie hanger. If you wear neckties with vast designs and have limited space, you might benefit from a pull-out tie rack.


Hang them up

Tie racks are a nice option for walk-in closets and are known as the ultimate option when wanting to eliminate wrinkling. The most common style of tie rack features pins or dowels that stick out from a wooden board or plaque.


Roll them up

Rolling your tie is the low-cost storage option and are a great alternative when starting to build a collection of neckties. You can buy specific tie boxes or inserts that slip into a drawer with separate compartments for each tie. Rolling neckties provides a better view of your collection, allowing you to choose the perfect tie for every occasion.

How to remove wrinkles from your necktie

With various ways of tying a necktie throughout the week, wrinkles and creases are unavoidable. Removing which is not an easy task, when handling silk neckties or fine linen it is often best to proceed with caution, adjusting the heat accordingly. Unlike a ironing a blazer or tailored French cuffs, neckties may experience colour loss due to high heat, which in turn could tarnish distinct one of a kind prints or colours. Here’s how to carefully get wrinkles out of your neckties, while keeping them in tip-top shape:

  1. Place a clean cotton cloth on an ironing board.
  2. Put the tie face down on the cloth and wrap the cloth around it.
  3. Apply steam from the iron to small portions of the tie beginning at the short end.
  4. Use your hand and medium pressure to flatten the tie.
  5. Flip the tie over and repeat for the other side.

After steam ironing both sides, hang the tie to dry and cool off. Serious wrinkles and creases may require a dry cleaner.

How To Clean Your Necktie

As often as your favourite necktie is worn, it is also an accessory that is most susceptible to stains. A great rule of thumb to keep in mind is: the sooner you treat a stain, the easier it is to get rid of it. Luckily, all the supplies needed can be found in your kitchen: grease stains are easily removed with talcum powered or corn-starch, left for few hours to absorb. Wine stains after work drinks with colleagues, can similarly be fixed with some table salt from the restaurant. 


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