Let’s Talk About: The Form and Functionality of Suspenders

Let’s Talk About: The Form and Functionality of Suspenders

Belts or suspenders? Suspenders wearers mock the belt as a “pull-up and not stay up”. In contrast, those who favour belts argue that suspenders are nothing more than unnecessary accessories which make a man's morning routine more complicated. Regardless, the case for suspenders is strong.

Even when on the go, suspenders keep the trouser front smooth and elegant

Suspenders keep the trousers up by creating a tension that hangs from the shoulder. Belts, on the other hand, create tension around the front. Hence the wearing of suspenders ensure that the front of the trousers remain elegant and smooth. In short, while serving the practical purpose of keeping your trousers up, form is not compromised.

Second, suspenders naturally give a high-waisted style. This means that the man is given a more flattering silhouette and the shirt is prevented from puffing out over the trouser top.

Third, and perhaps the most common reason cited by those who swear by suspenders, they are more comfortable around the waist. Suspenders can be adjusted with a flick of a clip, making them more forgiving to any weight fluctuation. 

Versatility: Suspenders from Andrew's Ties Milano constructed from breathable barathea fabric and leather runners 

Lastly, suspenders afford a versatility that belts do not. Suspenders are available in monotones and dual colour (coloured band with leather runners/clips of a different colour). Not to mention the multi-coloured and multi-print variations to satisfy the dandies among us. Practically speaking, this makes wearing a pair of exotic-coloured shoes much easier because the question of a matching belt becomes a non-starter. The exotic colour needs to only complement a minor colour in the suspenders (think a multi-coloured one) to create an effortless but well-considered look.

Dandy: Best worn with trousers without belt loops and instead affixed with side adjusters

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