Let's Talk About: Pastel Colored Suits

Let's Talk About: Pastel Colored Suits
Photography by Cherry  |  Styling by Sean

For many readers, a suit in pastel color (light blue) or neutral colors (beige or stone grey) may seem a little out of the comfort zone. But such colors are not that different from the commonplace light grey suit that we are familiar and comfortable with. Suit in neutral tones can work very well if you add a little depth to it with accessories in darker tones that complement it, such as oatmeal (in the tie) and russet brown (in the shoes).

The draw of neutral tone suits can at best be explained by the intangible feeling associated with a holiday in the French riviera; think sprezzatura and perhaps even the luxurious Monte Carlo. Yes, a suit can come across as stifling and for a man who dorns a suit for work everyday, the navy weekday workhorse is the last thing he wish to be wearing. Contrary to popular sentiments, neutral tone suits complement almost any skin color. Put together with a simple white shirt (we do prefer linen) and the right contrasting accessories, the neutral colored suits adds instant sophistication without being sterile.


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