The Botanics Series, inspired by Singapore's Wildlife

The Botanics Series, inspired by Singapore's Wildlife

As Singaporeans, one thing we can agree on is how proud we are of our country’s nature and wildlife. Thus, here at, we have decided to create the “Botanics Series”, just to showcase Singapore and South East Asia’s amazing wildlife.

Botanic Series - Orchid Cufflinks

Each cufflink design is representive of Singapore in its own different ways. For instance, we chose the Orchid flower as it is Singapore's national flower. Known to be a hybrid, it is a metaphor for Singapore's harmony amongst its ethnic communities and its foreign visitors. 


Sunbirds are native to Asia, and representitive of the continent's beauty. Several species are commonly found in Singapore's Botanical Gardens, and their bright and dazzling colours are of upmost beauty. 

Did you know that Singapore hosts over 320 species of butterflies? We also have many national butterfly gardens, which showcases the multitude of colourful butterflies of our country. 

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