The Ultimate Guide to Cufflinks

The Ultimate Guide to Cufflinks

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver gives an impression of greater class and good taste. Compared to traditional silver, its shinier, brighter and even stronger. Best of all, its sheen lasts a long time. It is a classic that never fails to impress. Sterling silver cufflinks are almost suitable for all occasions, whether formal or informal. Be sure to keep a pair in your wardrobe as it is an essential must have. Both Tateossian and Zegna offers beautiful sterling silver cufflinks to fit in any wardrobe.


Gold has always been a symbol of status and prosperity. Unlike silver toned cufflinks, Gold cufflinks are more extravagant and thus, should be paired thoughtfully when choosing your outfits. Perhaps an occasion that would be suitable would be weddings, or to impress a certain someone.

For those that find Gold too bright and offensive, rose gold can also be considered, as it is a more eye-soothing colour as compared to the eye-popping colour of gold.

Metal Alloys

One of the most common cufflinks that are made of metal alloys would be cufflinks that are made of rhodium. These cufflinks offer different styles, be it formal or informal. Because they are made of alloys (two or more metals combined), they are typically cheaper cufflinks. This means that many different styles of rhodium cufflinks can be purchased to suit different occasions.


Enamel cufflinks typically are glossy and more color-popping. This is because enamel cufflinks are made with glass that has been stamped onto a pattern. This therefore can be classified as your more “fun” cufflinks, and should be put away for more important business meetings. Try out these enamel cufflinks here.

Semi Precious Stones

Semi-precious stones often consist of cufflinks that have stones such as tiger eye, oynx, lapis and more. Some believe that these cufflinks bring about healing properties, bring about prosperity and even change one’s luck due to its energy fields. To those who do not believe in such semi-precious stone properties, different stones add different pops of colour, therefore adding greater dimensions to your outfit. Our collection of Ateseta cufflinks features many different types of semi-precious stone cufflinks. As each stone is different, the patterns will also differ for each cufflink, giving yet another nuance to your outfit.


Crystal cufflinks are flashy, and are not for most people. However, when feeling dapper or ambitious, even those who dress traditionally more modest can wear a pair. These add a beautiful glimmer to your outfit, and can even be worn for formal, semi-formal and non-formal occasions.


If you are still feeling indecisive on the types of cufflinks to wear, do not fret. Just explore our cufflinks collections, and decide which one looks best in your opinion. Choose a cufflink from there on. 


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