When To Wear a Pocket Square

When To Wear a Pocket Square

When To Wear a Pocket Square

Pocket squares are known for adding a touch of class to any outfit. Traditionally, guests attending dinner parties and other formal engagements were required to wear a pocket square. Even within the realm of formal dress, there is still potential to play with your arrangement and break free from the typical white pocket square norm by inserting a pocket square into your casual and workday outfits.

Casual occasions

You may pretty much wear whatever you want when you're out on the town! Iron that cotton pocket square and you're set to go if you want a sophisticated look. Alternatively, look for a bright and colourful cloth with a one-of-a-kind print or design. Stuff it in your chest pocket until it appears to be about to fall out or take a more planned approach and fold it one of the customary ways. 

Office wear

There are many different types of office environments. If you’re in the arts and entertainment industry or work in some other creative field, then you’re probably likely to be spotted sporting a livelier patterned pocket square.


Choose a more textured pocket square fabric, such as linen or cotton, for linen and cotton suits. A great option is something with a trim that can be transformed for various occasions and add subtle hints of colour. Stay away from silk, because it’s going to look too refined for a more casual suit.

Formal Occasions 

When men dress for formal events, there's a reason they always wear a white pocket square: it helps to frame one’s ensemble. When you wear a dark suit or tuxedo, a white dress shirt (like this one) will show a little on the cuffs, and the white pocket square reaching just above your chest pocket will work to frame your overall look.


Of course, if the colour of your dress shirt changes, you'll have more room to tinker with the pocket square. It all depends on how formal the function you're attending is.


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