Top 4 Cufflinks for Office Wear

Top 4 Cufflinks for Office Wear

First impressions matter

The way we dress and carry ourselves paints an image of who we are, be it within a board meeting or at the first interview If you're employed with a formal business setting, you'll be required or prefer to wear cufflinks. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wear the same pair every single day. In fact, cufflinks are a great way to liven up office wear without breaking the company dress code.

Meeting with prospective clients, presenting to investors or the 1st interview after graduating, here’s 4 of the best cufflinks that are bound to make a lasting first impression and enhance one’s arsenal of stylish accessories.

For the Lawyer

The marriage of an elegant design with a captivating meaning, the Gordian Knot is one of the most classic cufflinks This series features tightly woven Gordian knots, the perfect introductory style for interviews and networking.

For the Private Bankers

Seamlessly incorporating masculine design and geometric shapes with Mother of pearl and enamel cufflinks, these easily transition throughout each occasion, whether they are project meetings or after-hours drinks with colleagues.

For the Entrepreneur

Showcase your creative side within a semi formal setting by incorporating a touch of novelty with these eccentric cufflinks. Intricate dinosaurs or king skulls, the ideal conversation starter when meeting with investors for startup business or prospective new clients.

For the CEO

When your time is money, these innovative fully functioning quartz watch cufflinks by Tateossian London are the ideal option to showcase corporate grandeur. The quintessential choice when hosting a board meeting or signing multimillion dollar deals.


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